Grab a tissue! Last week one of our Therapeutic Pillows employees was feeling under the weather at home. She happened to have The Ellen DeGeneres Show on when her husband saw a familiar looking pillow on one of the guest’s laps. Sure enough, it was one of our kidney pillows! The guest, Amanda Eaton, recently donated a kidney to her father and was using the post-operative pillow to aid in her recovery. “If I laugh too hard or I cough, it helps to keep everything where it belongs,” she told Ellen. Amanda had the staff at her hospital, including her surgeon, sign the kidney pillow with well wishes.

Amanda’s giving spirit doesn’t stop there, she is up for “Teacher of the Year” award in her home state where she is a 1st grade teacher to 18 children. Ellen ends the segment by giving her a very memorable reward. Watch the entire clip – it’s a tearjerker!

Amanda Eaton’s Inspiring Story