Going through major surgery is extremely challenging for anyone, but it can be even more difficult for young children. Our pediatric therapeutic pillows are made to improve the surgery recovery process for children and make the journey more enjoyable. We know hospitals are always looking for ways to enhance the overall patient experience and we believe Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows can be a useful tool in helping do just that, especially for pediatric patients. 

When making our therapeutic pillows, we strive to always keep softness, comfort, and support in mind. Prioritizing each customer allows us to make various pillows for specific health system needs. For children, we know that personalization makes them feel special. With that in mind, we supply each of our pediatric pillows with a permanent marker so children can doodle on them and allow friends and family that want to sign it or leave words of encouragement. With our pillows, hospitals can also leave custom care instructions for the patient and their family. The ability to draw on each pillow can help clinicians provide children with explanations before a procedure that help kids understand and cope with the stress of surgery.

Most importantly, maximizing comfort and effectiveness with each of our pediatric pillows is the goal. So whether it’s cardiothoracic, lung, kidney, or liver surgery, each pillow is designed to ease pain, reduce anxiety, and create a lasting connection with your hospital. Here at Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows, we try to help hospitals perfect the recovery process, and for children especially, we know our pillows can help provide the emotional support they need post-surgery.