Here at Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows, we understand how challenging it is for children who are constantly in and out of hospitals and the desire for a speedy recovery after undergoing surgical procedures. 

Effectiveness, comfort, and support are kept top-of-mind when we design our pediatric-specific therapeutic pillows. Whether it’s cardiothoracic, lung, kidney, or liver surgery, each pillow is designed to ease pain, reduce anxiety, and create a lasting connection between patients and their hospital. 

It can be hard to feel rested during the recovery process depending on the nature of a specific surgery, as the body is usually very tender and simply relaxing can be uncomfortable. It can also be challenging for children to keep their hands away from a surgical site, and this is where Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows comes in! The firm stuffing in our pillows provides a layer of pressure to counteract any discomfort to a healing incision site caused by coughing, deep breathing, or sneezing. In addition to reducing pain, our pillows also help protect the incision site like a bandaid to a wound, shielding it from any unnecessary contact as well as providing aid during the recovery process. 

Being away from their parents while they’re in the hospital can be emotionally taxing for children, especially if they’re younger. Our pillows offer emotional support to children who feel anxious when away from family, and they can even have their family members write some words of encouragement on the pillow to help ease their minds while recovering. 

All of us at Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows wish to help hospitals improve their patients’ recovery process and overall experience with these kinds of personal touches. Contact us today to see how your hospital can start offering extra support for some of your youngest patients.