Transitioning into motherhood is no easy task and having adequate support after giving birth is extremely important. Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows offers special maternity pillows that provide both mothers and babies the comfort that they deserve during this overwhelming time. Improving the birthing and aftercare experience is a top priority for many healthcare providers and we’re happy to offer the tools to help make the experience all the better. 

Our Mother and Baby pillow is designed to support babies while nursing and provide relief for mothers after a cesarean delivery (C-section). The healing process after having a C-section can oftentimes be a challenge so we have specifically created these pillows to offer gentle support throughout the healing process and facilitate bonding between mother and baby. Our Pamper and Play pillow is ideal for mothers that breastfeed. With its wrap-around and large lap area, this pillow is designed to fit babies as they grow and provide added support for them while nursing. This pillow also features a convenient pocket to store wipes, pacifiers and even bottles. Comfort was our number one priority when creating all of our maternity pillows, especially when it comes to sleeping, traveling and bonding. 

As with all of our products, the maternity pillows can be branded with your facility’s logo and colors. These pillows can also include an attached permanent market so that doctors and nurses can write instructions and words of encouragement on the pillow. 

Motherhood isn’t easy, but you can help new mothers get off on the right foot by offering Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows. Improve the patient experience and help foster a bond between the new mother and baby with these special maternity pillows. If you would like to know more about our maternity pillows or any of our other therapeutic pillows, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!