For the past 30 years, the Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows team has been focused on improving the lives of patients with our pillows. We’re proud to help patients when they need it most by providing support and comfort after surgeries and other procedures. 

Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows products include your custom logo and an anatomical diagram to facilitate patient education. These diagrams allow doctors to show the patient how the procedure is conducted using the attached marker. Further customization options available include seat belt straps, handles, and your choice of fabric color. Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows have been shown to enhance patient comfort and improve patient experience with reduced healing times. To hear it straight from the patients themselves, be sure to check out some of the testimonials on our website

Some of our bestsellers, like The Original Heart Pillow and The Lung Pillow, are designed specifically to support and reduce pain when coughing, breathing deeply, and mobility following surgery. Shumsky also provides a number of other post-operative pillows for a range of procedures, including kidney, liver, and bariatric pillows

In addition to the physical healing benefits these custom therapeutic pillows can provide patients post-surgery, they can also be emotionally beneficial for patients during their recovery process. The simple act of squeezing one of these pillows can be soothing and reassuring, and doctors and nurses are able to write messages of support and encouragement on the pillows to help keep their patients in good spirits when they return home with this treasured keepsake.

Bring healing and comfort to your patients during and after their stay at your hospital with custom post-operative pillows, illustrating your high level of commitment to your patients. If you’re interested in ordering Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows for your hospital or medical facility, contact us today!