Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows are designed specifically for support and pain reduction when coughing, breathing deeply, and mobility after surgery. Here at Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows, we like to make sure that our pillows carry much more meaning and lasting support than the original therapeutic pillows.

Shumsky has three main things in mind when making our therapeutic pillows – soft, supportive, and extraordinarily comfortable. With a customer-first mindset, we make our pillows with the capabilities of being customizable for their liking and offer a pillow for specific procedures in order to make it more significant. While many hospitals will use makeshift tools and tape up a towel or a cover to utilize as a pillow for their patients, Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows is focused on improving the lives of patients by helping patients when they need it most and providing true support and comfort after surgeries and other procedures. For example, the Original Heart Pillow provides pain reduction and increased comfort during recovery from cardiac surgery. An anatomical diagram on one side allows for patient education about their procedure, and the other side can either feature your hospital’s logo or custom care instructions. 

These branding and customization options are available for all of our pillows. Each pillow includes a permanent marker for physician instructions and words of encouragement from hospital staff and nurses. Further customization can include optional seat belt straps, handles, and your choice of fabric color. 

For the past 35 years, Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows has been proud to help make millions of surgical, transplant, and infusion patients more comfortable during some of their most painful moments. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our pillows, or to request a quote and a sample pillow! 

Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows is an ASP Global company. ASP Global is a leading global sourcing agent/wholesaler of medical supplies, with an expert management team that has decades of experience in the healthcare and sourcing industries. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, ASP Global partners with health systems and other healthcare providers across the nation to directly develop and source med-surg products and patient-preference items. Visit the ASP Global website to learn more!