With over 30 years of quality pillow-making under our belt and thousands of satisfied customers and hospitals, our therapeutic pillows are designed to help hospitals provide better care for their patients. When considering factors such as quality, manufacturing, and sourcing, here is why your company should choose Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows. 


Here at Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows, we have a dedicated staff that sews, cuts, prints, and stuffs each of our custom pillows. This attention to detail ensures that each pillow is of excellent quality before being sent out. In addition, our therapeutic pillows are made by our staff to stand the test of time, being that they’re durable, washable, and shrink resistant. We also provide the option for hospitals to customize their pillows to be utilized as a great marketing tool for a hospital and further improve the patients’ experience.


COVID-19 has been a particularly challenging and overwhelming time in the healthcare industry, but it has also shown healthcare providers the importance of choosing a reliable source. Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows’ products are all made in the United States, which can help decrease hospitals’ shipping costs. We also provide automatic or as-needed shipping and one-year free warehousing. By localizing supply chains, hospitals are reducing the risk of things getting lost in translation and increasing the amount of control they have over their items and orders. Having a local supplier can ensure on-time delivery and improve the turnaround time on orders. It is also an environmentally friendly option! 

Choosing Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows for patients can take their experience from great to amazing. We provide several different styles of pillows to meet each patient’s postoperative needs. If you’re looking for quality pillows with seamless sourcing and manufacturing, Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows will undoubtedly deliver. Get in touch with us today!