Have you been searching for ways to make your patients’ recovery process smoother? Here are a few things you can implement into your hospital to ensure a comfortable, speedy recovery. 

1. Make Sure Patients Follow the Doctor’s Orders

Some surgeries are very complex and require following specific doctor’s instructions to reduce recovery times and prevent any complications from occurring. When trying to figure out how to reduce recovery time, the first person to consult is the physician and/or surgeon. It’s essential for patients to receive and stick to the advice from their medical provider, as they can offer vital information regarding patients’ specific needs.

2. Hydration & Sleep

Receiving adequate rest and hydration are pretty general rules of thumb for patients recovering from surgery. Sleep is one of the most effective tools for recovery, as the body does most of its healing when sleeping. Hydration also helps flush the patient’s body of toxins and can help with soreness and tension within the body. Therefore, although it can seem obvious, be sure to stress the importance of rest to improve your patient’s recovery. 

3. Provide Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows

Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows can vastly improve and help speed up the recovery process. We have various pillows available for dozens of surgeries and procedures ranging from open-heart surgery to C-section delivery for mothers. Our pillows are designed specifically for support and pain reduction when coughing, breathing deeply, and mobility after surgery. Our pillows can also feature an anatomical diagram on one side to aid in patient education about their procedure, and the other side can have your hospital’s logo or custom care instructions. The attached sharpie on all of our pillows allows hospital staff and patient’s family and friends to write encouraging messages on the pillow which has shown to provide a sense of comfort to patients throughout their recovery journey. 

Visit our homepage to learn more about the different kinds of therapeutic pillows we offer and the benefits they can provide, and please contact us with any questions you have!