After undergoing a cardiac procedure such as open-heart surgery, patients can experience great discomfort. Because the chest cavity is split open during the operation, simple actions such as laughing, sneezing, and coughing can be extremely painful post-op. Therapeutic pillows can be extremely effective for reducing these pains while the chest and breastbone heal. Here’s a brief overview of how they can aid in recovery from cardiac surgery.

Physical Benefits

Recovering from heart surgery is an arduous process. To clear their lungs of phlegm and reduce the risk of respiratory issues, patients are required to take deep breaths and cough multiple times a day. These actions can be painful, and they also put pressure on the incision site. But when patients have a heart-shaped therapeutic pillow to clasp, the firm stuffing provides a layer of pressure to counteract chest movements caused by coughing, deep breathing, or sneezing. In addition to reducing pain, this also helps protect the incision site by keeping the chest still.

Emotional Benefits

Therapeutic pillows can also be emotionally beneficial for patients recovering from heart surgery. The simple action of squeezing them can be soothing and reassuring, and doctors and nurses can write messages of support and encouragement on the pillows to help keep their patients in good spirits.

Post-Operative Education

Therapeutic pillows can be customized with anatomical diagrams that can serve as excellent educational tools. Doctors can mark these diagrams up with a pen to show their patient exactly what they did during the procedure. You can also add logos and other customized text and graphics to promote your facility, practice, or brand.

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