Nearly 30 years ago, Shumsky invented the Shumsky Therapeutic Pillow to provide uniform sternal support, pain reduction, education, and emotional support to recovering heart surgery patients.   The Shumsky Therapeutic Pillow solved a problem that surgeons had regarding heart surgery patients and their need for increased sternal support throughout recovery.  As we remember the development of our cardiac pillows and now our full line of medical pillows, we wanted to take a moment to share three unique health related technology inventions from a recent New York University Entrepreneurs’ Challenge.

Safer Catheter

To combat the issue of infectious bacteria on catheters, Manuskha Vaidya and her associates developed a catheter made of a polymer that “sheds” as it is used. “Shedding” its polymer layers allows the catheter to eliminate infectious bacteria without the use of anti-bacterials, which do not eliminate all bacteria.  The idea behind the shedding catheter was inspired by human skin which eliminates potential infection by shedding off layers.


Like the popular Fitbit for health or Nike Fuel Band, Databetes is a band and interactive app that allows users access to their health information 24/7. However, what makes Databetes unique is that it is specifically designed for diabetics so they can manage their blood sugar.  For added functionality, the app syncs with other Bluetooth equipped devices including blood sugar monitors.


In an effort to save lives and save money, Oculogica was developed as a way to diagnose concussions without CT scans or MRI’s.  Using a camera sitting atop a screen, patients’ eye movement is tracked as they follow an image on the screen.  The eye movement information is then used to indicate if the patient has suffered a concussion or several other types of brain trauma, including nonstructural brain trauma which does not show up on radiographic scans.  Oculogica provides an effective solution for diagnosing concussions and other brain trauma quickly, and can be done for $500 compared to the $1000 or more per CT scan.

These are three great health care inventions and, we hope these entrepreneurs are successful with their ideas to improve healthcare and ultimately improve the lives of others.  As always, stay tuned to Shumsky Pillow Talk for the latest in Therapeutic Pillow news and events.