Eric Douglas leads an active life. He is a traveler, a scuba diver, and a former CPR and dive instructor. When he began exhibiting symptoms of cardiac problems, the reality was too difficult to bear. After a heart attack and failed stress test, Eric went through an intense cardiac surgery. With the help of therapeutic pillows, post-surgery was much more bearable. Here’s how Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows in Dayton, OH, helped Eric get through the recovery process.


After an open-heart surgery for a quintuple bypass, recovery was a long road. Eric woke with a long scar down his chest and difficulty breathing. His surgeon offered him a therapeutic pillow, complete with the illustration of his operation. While he was not aware of the pillow’s function at first, he soon began to recognize its benefits.

The Recovery Process

As the general anesthesia wore off, it took time for Eric to begin breathing normally again. His post-op pillow gave him something to hold onto—from the moment he received it through the rest of his recovery. The pillow was his to bring home after being discharged from the hospital. Each time a painful cough or sneeze came during work, he would hold the pillow to his chest. Eric recalls, “I can’t imagine going through that recovery period without it.” The therapeutic pillow became an unexpected comfort item that helped him during an immensely challenging time. His book, “Heart Survivor: Recovery After Heart Surgery,” details the trials of recovery and his remarkable path back to wellness.

The Therapeutic Pillow Difference

From the hospital bed and easy chair to his bed at home, Eric’s “security pillow” followed him wherever he went. For months, he kept it close by as his body healed fully. This surprising comfort item made all of the difference in his recovery, and Eric hopes that all heart patients get the chance to rely on a therapeutic pillow of their own.

Every surgical patient deserves comfort to accompany them along the healing process. With help from the compassionate staff at Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows, your patients will receive their own unique pillow. We offer a variety of designs and services, from pediatric to post-op pillows with custom diagrams. Our personalized, high-quality products will soothe your patients throughout their recovery.