Happy National Nurses Week! This year May 6th – 12th has been designated as National Nurse’s Week, a great time to show appreciation for nurses and all that they do.  Whether they are assisting surgeons in an operation, helping doctors take vitals from a patient, or bring patients items like cardiac pillows following surgery, nurses do anything and everything to help others. Make sure you take time during National Nurses Week to show your appreciation.

Some suggestions for celebrating National Nurses Week are:

Hold a special celebration or reception for all of the nurses in your organization.  Gather together for a fun luncheon or evening where everyone can relax and have fun.

Work with the nurses in your organization to find a local charity or non-profit organization that everyone would like to support.  Let nurses get together in groups and donate their time to helping their community in honor of National Nurses Week.

Every year nurses touch the lives of millions of patients.  Take time to publish the heart-warming stories of your nurses helping patients to post-surgery success in your local newspaper or organization newsletter.

Use promotional products to allow your nurses to proudly display their nurse pride during National Nurses Week.  T-shirts, RN pins, water bottles, or mugs are just a few simple promotional products that you could use.

Finally, local organizations can show their appreciation during National Nurses Week by offering special discounts.  Restaurants and other local businesses can offer nurses discounts or buy one get one free specials to nurses in their community.

These are just a few ways to celebrate National Nurses Week.  Be creative and be sure to show nurses in your life how much you appreciate them.  As always check back in with Shumsky Pillow Talk for the latest news, info, and ideas in the therapeutic pillow industry.