A Letter to Therapeutic Pillows


Shawnee Fischer Christensen:

I wanted to share our story. Your pillows not only bring your patients comfort but also a grieving spouse who unexpectedly lost the love of their life after needing heart surgery at age 47. My best friend, husband, and father.

Today marks six months that my heart has been forever changed. This Heart pillow […]

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Skip’s Story – A Donor’s Journey


“My pillow is my badge of honor.”

After 31 years of working in the corporate world, Skip Sturtz decided it was time to pay his success forward and pursue his calling to save a life as a living kidney donor. Here’s his story.

Skip’s Story

Skip Sturtz is what some would call a jack of all trades, and […]

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Eric’s Recovery Story With Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows


Eric Douglas leads an active life. He is a traveler, a scuba diver, and a former CPR and dive instructor. When he began exhibiting symptoms of cardiac problems, the reality was too difficult to bear. After a heart attack and failed stress test, Eric went through an intense cardiac surgery. With the help of therapeutic […]

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How Do Therapeutic Pillows Aid in Recovery From Cardiac Surgery?


After undergoing a cardiac procedure such as open-heart surgery, patients can experience great discomfort. Because the chest cavity is split open during the operation, simple actions such as laughing, sneezing, and coughing can be extremely painful post-op. Therapeutic pillows can be extremely effective for reducing these pains while the chest and breastbone heal. Here’s a […]

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Jasmine’s Story – Liver Transplant


“[My pillow] is so awesome, and I used it all the time.”

When you need a liver transplant, the waiting is hard. But Jasmine never gave up hope. What she didn’t realize until later was her Shumsky Therapeutic Pillow turned out to be an important recovery tool. Here’s her story.




Jasmine was diagnosed with Hepatitis C over […]

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Eli’s Story – Heart Surgery


“[The lung pillow] was such a nice gesture. It was something different that was his size and only for him.”

Jennifer Ashby has struggled with congenital heart defects since she was young, so she’s no stranger to its difficulties. But when her 18-month-old son had open heart surgery for Atrial Septal Defect and to tighten his […]

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Gail’s Story – Heart Surgery


“I would literally panic if I misplaced [my pillow], left it in another room.”

On her way to a relaxing session at her regular nail salon, Gail’s life changed dramatically. A massive heart attack lead to bypass surgery, an overwhelming medical situation she hadn’t suspected or ever considered. Here is Gail’s story.

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Brandi’s Story – Heart Surgery


“[My pillow] was a badge of honor. It symbolized everything I’d been through.”

Sometimes heart failure is not a result of lifestyle choices; in fact, a fluke outside your control can cause it. In Brandi’s case, an infection from a brief stay in a hospital settled in her heart, causing damage to her valves. She had […]

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