Breast Cancer Pillow | Therapeutic Pillows

The Breast Cancer Pillow

Designed to support patients through every step of the journey. The Breast Cancer Pillow provides emotional and physical comfort.

Powerful Benefits

  • Given to patients at the time of diagnosis to provide emotional support throughout the entire course of treatment
  • Reduces pain to help aid in recovery and mobilization
  • Designed to fit in the crest of the underarm to support tender incision areas
  • Provides a tangible display of your support and care that patients can embrace

Imprint and customization options:

Imprint your facility’s logo on one side and choose from our library of inspirational saying on the other – or design your own. A pink ribbon can be attached to either side. Further customization can include:

  • Permanent market for instruction and words of encouragement
  • Your choice of fabric color

Size Options:

  • One size (11″ x 9″)
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