“Before you have surgery, try to get one of these pillows.”

Sometimes complications crop up after one surgery that take you down a completely different path. Bill Hamilton was in the hospital recovering from lung cancer surgery when his lung collapsed and he had to have a lobectomy. He said the Shumsky Therapeutic Pillow that his surgical team gave him made all the difference in his recovery.


It’s tough enough when you’re fighting Stage 4 lung cancer. But when Bill’s lung collapsed after lung cancer surgery, his team rushed him back into surgery for a lobectomy. Bill Hamilton Lung Pillow

Anesthesia for major surgery like a lobectomy made Bill cough. Coughing was quite painful after his surgical team opened his chest. If it had not been for the lung-shaped therapeutic pillow his post-surgery care team gave him, Bill insists his recovery would have been harder, longer and more painful.

The solution

Bill tried holding a regular pillow against his chest but found it too big and soft to help him manage pain. One nurse at Mobile Infirmary Medical Center gave Bill a lung pillow when she saw him struggle to cough without pain.

“The pillow was the perfect size.” Bill said it fit perfectly under his arms and felt firm against his chest. Like Goldilocks, he tried other pillows, but they all lacked in some way. Once he received his Shumsky Therapeutic Pillow, Bill found the answer to his pain management problems. In fact, he plans to use his lung pillow for 4 different surgeries.

His advice to others

“Get one of these pillows. Any time you have major surgery with deep anesthesia, you have to cough and cough. This little pillow helps with the pain.”

It surprised Bill to realize not all hospitals offer these remarkable therapeutic pillows to their patients. When he was in the hospital, he saw many patients with lung pillows and even saw some with heart-shaped ones.

“Since then, I had to have another lung surgery and forgot to bring the pillow with me.” Bill was happy his hospital had a stock of pillows available to help patients with their recovery.

Take-away message

Bill thinks about his experience and still marvels he could have died when his lung collapsed. He credits his lung pillow from Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows with his excellent recovery.

In fact, he said he’s using it again next month when he has additional cancer surgery scheduled.

Hospitals and surgeons around the U.S. have embraced Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows to help their patients manage pain after surgery and recover more comfortably. One thing we hear consistently from patients who receive these pillows is that it makes them feel like their surgical team cares about them as people.

Try offering these pillows to your surgical patients and see what they have to say. Not only can you elevate your post-surgical care to another level, but you’ll gain lifelong fans like Bill.