Agility Wear

Agility Wear allows for better post-operative healing and increased independence for patients.

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Powerful Benefits

• Improved Patient Care + Comfort
• Patient Independence
• Simple Velcro Shoulder Attachments
• Easy to Put On and Take Off
• 100% Cotton
• Made in USA
• Promote Your Facility

What Is Agility Wear?

We recognized the need for a post-operative shirt that would provide the patient independence after surgery allowing them to dress using one arm. Our unique pull strap and Velcro attachments give access to both shoulders and can be removed with ease.

Agility Wear is perfect for patients needing to dress themselves for post-op and rehab appointments and allows their doctor a simple way to perform examinations without risking injury or discomfort to the patient.

The shirt can also be imprinted with up to two colors in one location giving a branding opportunity for your hospital or practice.

Ideal For:

• Post Surgery     • Chemotherapy     • Dialysis     • Spinal Cord Injuries

Call us to learn how Agility Wear can improve overall patient experience and independence after surgery.

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