Shawnee Fischer Christensen:

I wanted to share our story. Your pillows not only bring your patients comfort but also a grieving spouse who unexpectedly lost the love of their life after needing heart surgery at age 47. My best friend, husband, and father.

Today marks six months that my heart has been forever changed. This Heart pillow represents so much heartache, so much pain, and so much gratitude. Our hearts are amazing organs. No other thing can feel so much and still work.

As I reflect on the past six months, this pillow has been a huge influence on my survival. It was a symbol of what doctors successfully repaired to make my sweet husband’s life better, where surgeons skillfully and surgically repaired a heart we had no idea was so broken. A procedure my husband was so excited for because he loved to run and hoped he would be able to start again. It’s a symbol of love that Scot always showed to me and the kids. He always did without if he could make us just a little bit happier. It’s a heart that he squeezed so intensely after surgery to help ease his pain. It’s a heart that has been my constant companion as I try to sleep alone to have something to hold to ease my worried heart. It’s a heart that the second it stopped beating, mine shattered into a million pieces. It’s a heart I could never explain the heartache, the pain, and suffering that it can endure and keep beating. It’s a heart that has been filled with so much gratitude for those that love me, those that love Scot, and those that love my kids, who dropped everything they were doing and came to our rescue. It’s to the earthly and Heavenly angels who constantly show us so much love when I just wanted to give up and pleaded to just go HOME. The heart is amazing. I await the day that my heart is a little more mended and I get to enjoy feeling joy again.

…Today I celebrate a new heart! A heart of hope, a heart of love, a heart of empathy, a heart of compassion. I want people to remember me for the love I had, the love I shared and for the love I sacrificed.

Scot, your life blessed me in so many ways. But your death has made me such a better person than I ever was.

My heart is now “our heart”. My heart will beat for both of us, we are a “team” and we will be a team for always.

Happy Angelversary Scot!
We love you!
I love you!
We are so proud of you!

From Therapeutic Pillows:


Thank you for sharing your story with us. We are honored and humbled to play a part in your family’s journey. Your positive outlook is admirable and will carry you well through this transition.

Your friends at Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows